Our Staff

Aaron McDonald

Aaron McDonald | Owner / Designer / Creator

Who: To incorporate my knowledge and skills in perfecting signage
Likes: Helping and advising customers with signage requirements. Innovative and co-operative staff. My obedient dog
Dislikes: Rude and obnoxious persons
Wish List: More time spent with my beautiful wife

Mell McDonald

Mell McDonald | Owner / Office Manager extraordinaire

Who: Manage an efficient business with my family
Likes: Likes time off with kids, Running a smooth and efficient office
Dislikes: Clutter
Wish List: More time spent with my family and more holidays

The Fabricator

The Fabricator

Who:You envisage a sign and I create it>
Likes: Weekends off and a good game of golf
Dislikes: Messy work areas
Wish List: More time to play golf

The Welder

The Welder

Who: Welder, assembler, repairer - all time fixer
Likes: Beer and footy … and my Mum
Dislikes: Indecision
Wish List: V8 Ute


Toby | Security

Who: Minder and good girl, as I let Aaron think he is the boss
Likes: Listening obediently to my master
Dislikes: No, No and No
Wish List: A boy one of me